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Health Coaching and Personal Development

Peace - Freedom - Empowerment - Self-Determination

In today's world stress is unavoidable.  From traffic jams to divorce, parking tickets to Christmas holidays, our lives are filled with stress of one kind or another.

Some stress is good for us - a date with an attractive new potential partner, for example, or an exciting and welcome promotion at work.  Good stress energises and motivates.  It also tends to be short lived - days, weeks or hours.

Bad stress, particularly chronic stress, demotivates, drains and paralyses us emotionally and can lead to negative physical outcomes.

I use various tools to help clients overcome challenges to moving forward in their lives, whether those challenges are a result of health challenges, current or past experiences (eg, redundancy, downsizing, divorce etc), present situations (eg, setting up a new business, interview anxiety, current divorce, health issues etc) or future ambitions (eg, setting and achieving goals, creating a vision of life or health success, finding a life or business partner).

The process is fun, insightful and empowering.

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Fiona McCallion
Health Coach
Personal Development Coach



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